The CrystalMation™ system includes the Alchemist I™, Kalypso I, Minstrel I™, Minstrel III™, RoboIncubator™, Odyssey, CM View™, CPXO™ Scoring Software, Sweet Image™ and CrystalTrak™.

Until now, there has not been an effective and repeatable way to collect information about all the crystallization trials set up for any given project, nor any general way to collate
and mine the information gathered during the trials. Manually conducting crystallization experiments is time consuming and prone to human error, making it difficult to accumulate any viable results. To solve this dilemma, RoboDesign International, Inc. has created the CrystalMation system.

CrystalMation is a fully integrated and automated platform for protein crystallization.  It is a complete solution that integrates every aspect of crystallization into an automated and seamless package.  Because it is modular, CrystalMation can be configured to meet a wide range of requirements and grow with your needs.  CrystalMation integrates everything that is needed for high-throughput, repeatable results from custom screen making to crystal imaging and analysis. 

And of course, if your lab requires something special—custom plates or an unusual protein drop configuration, for example—contact us. We can customize every component of the system to meet the most exacting needs.

CrystalMation is a fully integrated and modular automated platform for protein crystallization.

Minstrel I
Lab bench sized system with a fully modular and expandable protein crystal imaging and analysis system required for protein crystal growth analysis.

Minstrel III
Stand alone plate-handling and machine vision system for protein crystal imaging that can be integrated with up to two RoboIncubators for a fully automated system for protein crystal growth and inspection.

Stores, presents, and retrieves plates smoothly and automatically.

Alchemist I
Screen making system revolutionizes liquid handling with its patented “bird feeder” technology which eliminates pumps, tubes, and cross contamination.

Fully integrated solution for experiment storage and management. When coupled with the Minstrel IV, it becomes the perfect platform for high-throughput protein crystallization, serving as the foundation for high-throughput structure determination and drug discovery.

Kalypso I
Protein dispense system is unique in its combination of throughput, accuracy, and flexibility. Coming soon.

Oracle 9i™ based database application that allows users to intuitively add proteins, set up screens and design follow-up crystallization experiments.

Intelligent protein crystal scoring software.

CM View
A full featured and intuitive software package that allows multiple users to remotely access, manipulate, and manage the protein crystal image data and scores.

Sweet Image
Advanced software and hardware system that is effective at reducing the lensing or "dark ring" issue associated with the imaging of hanging drop experiments.

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