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Trace elements in aqueous solutions by UltraCarry® method

AppNote XRF1085: trace elements in aqueous solutions by UltraCarry


Influence of trace heavy elements in water, such as Cd, Pb, As, Cr, Se, etc., on the environment is treated as serious social problem. In order to control this problem, it is essential to monitor water quality. Considering the large number of test samples required for assessment of water quality, the test method should be simple, rapid, and reproducible. X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis have a lot of features, such as simple sample preparation, short analysis time, and high repeatability with small human error, compared to other elemental analysis methods, such as ICP-OES or AA. XRF is the best method for the above test. Concentrations of some trace heavy elements are too low for XRF analysis in direct liquid analysis, where water solution is poured into a liquid cell with analysis thin film. In this application note, the micro-droplet method was used. An improved filter paper "UltraCarry®" for the micro-droplet method achieved the LLD lower than 0.1 ppm. This note demonstrates the analysis results and the performance of the micro-droplet method with UltraCarry.

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