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Press releases

Product line Release date
Rigaku Launches New Handheld Analyzer to Combat the Dangerous Illicit Drug Supply Market Raman
New Materials Characterization Hub at University of Glasgow to Acquire Rigaku Electron Diffractometer Single crystal
Rigaku Relocates Asia-Pacific Regional Headquarters as Business Expands
Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. Relocates to a New, Larger Facility in Cedar Park, Texas EDXRF
Rigaku Further Expands its Handheld Platform to Maximize Chemical Analysis Response
Rigaku Launches the ZSX Primus III NEXT – High-speed Analysis in an Affordable Tube-above WDXRF  WDXRF
Rigaku Semiconductor Forum 2023 to Address Challenges in the Semiconductor Industry  Semiconductors
XtaLAB Synergy-R contributes to the development of hybrid molecular catalysts with metal surfaces Single crystal
Rigaku Appoints Thomas van Elzakker CEO of MILabs B.V. 
Technical University of Denmark Purchase Rigaku XtaLAB Synergy-ED to Establish Electron Crystallography Facility  Single crystal
Nippon Instruments Fully Automated Mercury Measuring Instrument Receives Excellence Award at 2023 Environmental Awards
University of Copenhagen to Establish Electron Diffraction Facility Following the Installation of a Rigaku XtaLAB Synergy-ED Single crystal
Rigaku Opens Their First Semiconductor Metrology Technology Center in Silicon Valley Semiconductors
Rigaku Expands Chemical Threat Analysis with New, Targeted Capabilities Raman
Rigaku Extends Partnership with Internationally Recognized CBRNe Program at University of Rome Tor Vergata Raman