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  • The X-ray generator employs a ceramic X-ray tube featuring high reliability proven by the past records.
  • The EGM2 series thus features simplicity and handiness to realize substantial efficiency in radiographic operation in the field.

250 kV microcomputerized directional industrial X-ray system

For non-destructive testing inspections

Rigaku offers a powerful lineup of microcomputerized industrial X-ray systems for NDT inspections. What is indispensable for heavy-duty radiographic operation in the field are excellent operational productivity and durability. The Radioflex RF-EGM2 exactly meets these needs.

Product name RF-250EGM2
Technique X-ray radiography
Benefit Non-destructive testing X-ray inspections
Technology Ceramic X-ray tube; Focus size  (nominal) 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm
Core attributes Small size, lightweight; ceramic X-ray tube for resistance to heat, vibration and impact; high-intensity LED display
Tube voltage 110 kV ~ 250 kV in steps of 2 kV
Tube current STD 5 mA (140 kV or less: 4.5 mA ±10%
LOW 4 mA
Core dimensions 320 (W) x 632 (H) x 320 (D) mm (generator); 360 (W) x 208 (H) x 340 (D) mm (controller)
Mass 28.0 kg (generator); 17.2 kg (controller)
Power requirements 190 to 240 VAC, single-phase, 50/60 Hz